The Bladeology Australia Story

Warrick and Iris established Bladeology Australia in 2018, and we are now well and truely embedded into the Australian landscape as a trusted and reliable family business. 

The Finn family have a long history of sharpening in Perth. Warrick's dad, Colin, is well known as having been the first person to set up a mobile sharpening service in Perth in the 1970's. Colin passed his knowledge and skills onto Warrick, and we have created our own business on the shoulders of this legend of the industry.

Prior to 2018, Warrick had a long career in IT, from writing code for financial institutions in the USA, UK and Europe, to project managing here in Perth. He has an eye for detail and his ability to see sharpening through his mathematical eye, lets you know that your treasured scissors and knives are in great hands. 

As many of you know, Iris is originally from Scotland and is very happy to be living in the sunniest city in the world. One of Iris's previous roles was in admin for a top hairdressing school and salon in London. She is used to chatting with everyone from stars of the silver screen to hairdressing apprentices. It is fun to own a business that is so closely involved with so many creative people across this beautiful land. 

There are 2 sides to our lovely business. We have our sharpening service and we have our online retail store.

The Sharpening Service

Warrick has set up our trusty van as a mobile sharpening workshop, with a range of machinery to allow him to sharpen and service hairdressing scissors, fabric shears and chef knives. He is very mathematically minded and is a total perfectionist. You know that your precious items will be in safe hands. 

 The Bladeology Store

Iris and Warrick have curated a beautiful collection of scissors and knives. The aim of the store is to put good quality, hard wearing products out into the creative world. Whether you are a home hairdresser, a stylist to the stars, an upholsterer. a hobby sewist, a student, a home cook, a world class chef or fashion/bridal designer, we have a fabulous range of tried and tested tools of your trade in our store.

If you are in Perth, you will find our store set up as a stand at a range of sewing and hairdressing events around the city.