Our Story

Bladeology Australia is a Perth based, family owned business which offers a Mobile Sharpening Service and Online scissor & knife store.

Our Online knife & scissor store is aimed at hairdressers / barbers, salon owners, dressmakers, upholsterers, chefs, cooks and anyone who enjoys cooking with good knives.

Our Mobile Sharpening Service offers a prompt, professional sharpening service to hairdressers, barbers, dressmakers and chefs across all suburbs of Perth & Fremantle.   We specialise in hairdressing scissors, and also sharpen dressmaking scissors and chef’s knives.     If you are outside of Perth we offer a postal service with free return postage for jobs over $99.

History of our Business


Sharpening scissors & knives is something I watched my father do  throughout my childhood, and a skill he helped me refine in my late teens.

After a long career in Technology I decided it was time for a C-change and at the  beginning of 2018 my wife and I established Bladeology Australia. I spent several months re-honing my skills with the help of my father Colin.

In 2019 we decided to expand the business to include an online store selling scissors and knives to hairdressers, dressmakers and chefs.   At the same time we rebranded the business from FINN Mobile Sharpening to Bladeology Australia.

My father Colin grew up in Sydney and learnt to sharpen knives as an apprentice butcher.  My parents moved to Perth in the 70s and started Perth first ever mobile sharpening service, which they aptly named  Mobile Sharpening.   Some 45 years later, and even though his icon van is gone, he still gets out a couple of days a week to sharpen.